Clinica San Juan is comfortable for the patients that decide to have a surgery with us, the spacious rooms have a sofa-bed for a companion of the patient, all rooms are private and have a full bathroom, the hallways in the clinic let the patients take a walk allowing for the recovery to be good and easy. The main characteristic of the Clinic is that the medical team works as one, pulling together all their knowledge, for a correct diagnosis and the best surgery for you. If you choose to follow up to our process, we can provide you the best result. The attention from the medical team continues when you go back home, if you have any questions our doctors are here to help, because all agreements that we do are directly with the Clinic, we do not have brokers; all services and questions are exclusively between you and Clinica San Juan.

The Clinic has a good location for those that are not familiar with Tijuana, our website lets you arrive promptly for the surgery.

Currently, Mexico is a country that is receiving many visits from people in need of surgery, because the results are just as good as in the US and the costs are much lower making it accessible for everybody. For this reason, we can say that if you are looking into options for your surgery, we can help you. Our doctors are experienced in any type that you may need, with the added benefit of a lower cost compared to the US. For example:

1 Night Hotel Accommodations

Our patients are hosted at Hotel Pueblo Amigo in Tijuana, which offers nice comfortable rooms to make your stay the best experience. It has all the services that you could need, even a casino for your enjoyment.


We understand that coming to another country can be difficult for you, and transportation can be an issue too, not to worry! We have a solution for you. Our driver can pick you up at San Diego Airport, and will take you to the hotel. Also included is transportation to the x-rays and back to the Clinic.

The area around the Clinic, has a variety of restaurants and coffee shops for the patient’s companions, and if they feel like going for a walk and enjoying Tijuana or doing some shopping, they can visit “Plaza Rio”, a shopping mall with a variety of stores from grocery stores to boutiques and restaurants located just a few minutes away.

So make an appointment with one of our doctors, you have our commitment to provide the best service, attention and quality. And to assure that your surgery will give you the best possible results.